About this site

Pubology.com is the official website celebrating the life and work of CHAS SAUNDERS, the world’s one and only Grimblemaker.

We aim to promote, promulgate and publish snippets of his works both literary and visual, as well as attempting to further the world’s appreciation of his unique talent and vision with insights and anecdotes where necessary. With the generous support of family and friends we hope to assemble a collection of materials which will form an increasingly munificent archive of CHASNESS for the benefit of all those who do not have the imagination of a boiled potato.

Pubology.com is administered by Peter J. Allen, with generous contributions from Paul Clayton, Granny Grimble and Veronica.

Unless otherwise stated, all CHAS material is copyright the estate of Chas Saunders and may not be reproduced or eaten without the express written permission of the aforementioned under any circumstances.

For further information, or to contribute to the cause, please don’t hesitate to contact us via our Contact page.