Quaffer’s Glossary

As I’m going through the Great Man’s scribblings, doodling and digital meanderings, I cannot be too surprised at the persistence in coming up with new projects – a man I can relate to, for this is a trait we both shared. So, for your appreciation, following is a section of one his ideas: The Quaffer’s Glossary

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Any publishers interested in pubs would be welcome to see what we have. An Agent would not come amiss. There must be someone out there who is not called Lucinda or something similar and operates from Bloomsbury.


We cannot be held responsible for any pubs that have gone missing or fallen into the hands of developers. It is up to us British to do our best to save and protect our heritage. Once a pub is sold without a licence a slice of history is totally eradicated. A great number of pubs are Grade II listed, but this cannot always prevent them from falling into the wrong hands. We also feel that a pub that cannot serve one decent draught cask ale is comparable to a stable that can no longer be bothered with keeping a horse.

Yeah Verily,